Friday, February 4, 2011

"Paw It Forward" & Help A Dog In Need

Two ways to "Paw It Forward" for Rommel, a Doberman in need of surgery, who has been diagnosed with Laryngeal Paralysis. Donate through the ChipIn donation site or purchase a "Paw It Forward" shirt, and a $5.00 donation will be made by Much About The Mutt to Rommel.

Laryngeal Paralysis And The Effects
Laryngeal Paralysis (LP), is a disorder in which, the nerves that control the muscles / cartilage that open and close the larynx, do not function properly. In short, this disorder causes difficulty with eating or breathing. LP may become so severe that the dog cannot take in sufficient air, which can become a life-threatening situation. Severe cases of LP can damage the windpipe so badly resulting in a respiratory collapse or even death.

What Causes Laryngeal Paralysis?
The cause of LP is currently unknown. It has been reported that LP is more likely to effect large dogs.

About Rommel the Doberman
Terise Anderson, Rommel's mother, affectionately describes him as, "the perfect gentleman to all creatures", a "big boy with a gentle personality and a huge heart", and "a true Doberman ambassador".

At the age of six, Rommel began his career as a therapy dog, working for Dogs On Call at the VCU Medical Center. Rommel was so important to this program that he even had his own business card. Sadly, his LP disorder now keeps him from being able to visit the sick and do his best work, which is cheering up others.

Rommel's Favorite Toy and Activity: 
Rommel loves stuffed toys, the bigger the better! His favorite activity is walking at the park (dangerous now, because of his Laryngeal Paralysis disorder) and spooning with mom on the couch or bed.

Rommel's Surgery
The good news, is that Rommel's vet feels like he can fix his disorder with a small surgery. The bad news is that it's expensive. Rommel's Mother, Terise, is a nurse who is currently in graduate school full time studying nurse anesthesia. There is not much time to work while in this program, so big expenses are a big problem. Hopefully, the dog-loving community will come together and "chip in" to help offset the cost of the surgery.

There Are Two Ways To Help

Make a donation for Rommel's surgery
through the  donation site, ChipIn.pIn.

Purchase a "Paw It Forward" t-shirt and 
Much About The Mutt will donate $5.00 
of each shirt sale to Rommel's surgery.

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